BAAGØ - The Square Island in Lillebælt


Baagø Lighthouse

A modern car ferry takes, four times per day, passengers and cars from Assens to the island.

Although Baagø has no hills (the highest point measures 8 m.) the visitor is surprised that in spite of the low land the view is similar as if one was standing on a higt tower. To the south one can see the Baltic and the peninsula of Helnæs and Als, towards the west the islands Årø and Bastholm with the coast of South Jutland in the background. To the north the island Brandsø and in the background you may catch a glimse of Skamlingsbanken, the new bridge across Lillebælt and the chimneys of Fredericia. To the east you can see the manor house called Wedelsborg. From here owners are able to see Baagø, which belonged to them in the old days. To the north east Frøbjerg Baunehoj and the televison mast in Vissenbjerg can also be seen.

The island is an excellent central point. Baagø is predominantly an agricultural community. The usual decline in population on islands has also affected Baagø. Currently there are about 30 residents and that is less than half of what the population was just after the war. Almost everyone on Baagø is living in the village at the middle of the island. The distance from the harbour to the village is about 2 miles. There is no public transport. The road was improved after the island became a part of Assens community in 1966. In addition there are some unpaved roads -

Baagø has a fine small church where the vicar holds services every third or fourth Sunday each month. In the summer ther is a kiosk at the harbour. The visitor will be especially attracted by the unspoilt atmosphere, where people have enjoyed each other's company since the earliest times.

Baagø gets its share of tourists from across the sea. A large number of yachts from Denmark and Germany fill the harbour throughout the summer or they anchor up along the coast where the holiday-makers go ashore. The south coast features an ideal beach so you may see a busy seaside life. The harbour of Baagø has been well-restored in recent years. The visiting yachtsmen and tourists will find necessary services (like telephone and public conveniences).

All suitable areas of Baagø are under cultivation but most of the island consists of wide beaches and moor with a rich bird life which attracts ornithologists.

There you will find many opportunities for lovely walks in unspoilt nature. Although Baagø is not a deserted island with gently blowing palms, it may fulfil the dream of an island in the sea - an island which is different in a refreshing way.

Possibility for camping and rent of a Summer cottage

The old school is today a school of natural envionment. Reservation:Karen Mann






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